Are Tourists Allowed to Enter Norway Now?


There are two exemptions to the main rule that states that  tourists are not currently allowed to enter Norway.


There are two exemptions to the main rule that states that  tourists are not currently allowed to enter Norway.
  1. Tourists from countries labeled as Green by the European Union
    Tourists residing in countries/areas given "Green  status". Starting on July 5th  2021, Norway adopted EU's definition of green countries, and started consideringing countries outside the EEC for green status.  Please note that besides from regions in Sweden, Finland and Denmark, only  an entire country that meets the required rate of covid case notifications will be labeled as green. An updated map can be found here

  2. Tourists  with green certificates
    - Tourists who are fully vaccinated
    - tourists who have recovered from COVID-19 in the past 6 months
    - Borth groups above must be able to document this with a EU Digital COVID Certificate that has a QR-code that can be verified by the Norwegian authorities.  

Further requirements for entry to Norway


  • Q - Can I use my EU Digital COVID Certificate that shows a negative test result?
    • A -  Only green passes that confirm that you are fully vaccinated,  or confirms recovery from Covid-19 in the past six months, are accepted to enter Norway. 
  • Q – What about minors – can I bring my children with me?
    • A-  For children over the age of one year – the same criteria apply as for adults.  
  • Q - I’m fully vaccinated, but I don’t have a EU Digital COVID Certificate with a QR-code. Can I travel?
    • A- Without the EU Digital COVID Certificate QR-code, Norwegian authorities can’t verify the information as of now.  

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