Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices 2023

Promoting and Fostering Talent Since 1981

The Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices highlights Nordic culinary skills and traditions, and is an important catalyst for promoting the Nordic restaurant industry. In 2023, the Championships are held in Oslo, Norway.

  • Students taking part in the yearly competition are future top hospitality professionals.
  • The competitors are selected through national qualifications/championships in each Nordic country (Iceland, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Sweden).
  • The two-day competiton consist of the waiters' and cooks' categories, where the competitors compete in pairs.
  • The cooking competition includes cooking and preparing multi-course meals where a mystery box is presented allowing competitors to elaborate and show their creativity. 
  • The waiters will compete in everything from service mindedness to table-setting, napkin-folding, matching and serving wines to bar work.

The competition is organised by the Nordic hospitality associations.
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