Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices 2023

Iceland and Finland were the big winners at Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices 2023

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Meet the winners of the 2023 Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices! Foto: NHO Reiseliv

After two intense days of competition in Oslo, Iceland and Finland came out on top in the most prestigious competition for cook and waiter apprentices in the Nordics.

Winners 2023

The results from the championship 2023 are as follows:

Gold - Team Iceland
Silver - Team Sweden
Bronze - Team Denmark

Gold - Team Finland
Silver - Team Denmark
Bronze - Team Norway

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This championship helps to showcase both the breadth and the sky-high level that can be found in the Nordics among the top talents. It is a very challenging competition, where the level of all the participants is sky high.

– Everyone deserves praise for an impressive performance. I look forward to following their further development, says Kristin Krohn Devold, managing director of NHO Reiseliv, who hosted the 2023 championship.

Iceland's young cooks are the best in the Nordics

Iceland's cook team, comprised of Hinrik Örn Halldórsson and Martein Rastriokand Finland, came away with the victory in the prestigous Nordic championship.

– This is a fantastic feeling, Iceland's Hinrik Örn Halldòrson and Marteinn Rastrick cheered when they received the trophy for the best cooking team.

Martein Rastiok and Hinrik Örn Halldórsson are the chef apprentices representing Iceland in the Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices in Oslo in 2023. Foto: IÐAN fræðslusetur

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The best young waitresses in the Nordis are Finnish

Finland's Melina Rintamäki (20) and Sanni Siitonen (19) won the wold in the waiter competition.

- A surprise, but in a very good way, shone the Finnish waitress duo, Melina Rintamäki and Sanni Siitonen, when they received first place in the waiteressing competition.

The waiter apprentices Melina Rintamäki and Sanni Siitonen will be representing Finland in the Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices 2023. Foto:

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Prestigeous competition

– This is a prestigious competition, where the level of all participants is fantastic. Both the team from Finland and Iceland deserves praise for an impressive performance, facing off strong competition in their respective categories. It says something about the state and level of Nordic cuisine, when this is what we can expect from leading talent in the industry. Both the talent and our cuisine have a bright future ahead, says Kristin Krohn Devold, CEO of the Norwegian Hospitality Association. 

Devold, who were among the guests who had the pleasure of tasting the food and experience the service during the competition, was impressed by the participants performance. 

– There is an incredible amount of talent in the Nordic region. The Nordic kitchen and cuisine has put our region on the gastronomic map and experiencing what the participants and teams delivered here today, it is evident that the future is in safe hands. I am so impressed by level of professionalism at such an early stage of their careers, says Devold.

Demanding challenges on the menu

The chef and waiter teams were put to tough tests during the two days.

The chefs were judged on, among other things, menu layout, food preparation, taste and hygiene. In addition, they were given a "mystery box" challenge, where they were challenged to show their creative skills. The apprentice waiters competed in everything from setting the table and folding napkins, to presenting champagne and wine pairing with the food, as well as service and interaction with the guests – even while flambéing.

This year's main judges were Mathias Toresen (waiter) and master chef Christer Rødseth (cook). In addition, there were three mise-en-place judges and two blind judges who helped judge the efforts.

Promoting and Fostering Talent Since 1981

The Nordic Championship for Cook and Waiter Apprentices highlights Nordic culinary skills and traditions, and is an important catalyst for promoting the Nordic restaurant industry. In 2023, the Championships are held in Oslo, Norway.

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