2017: European Survey on International Guests' expectations

"Mapping the future of Hotel and Restaurant experience" by HOTREC

While facing a growing competition from alternative accommodation and food experience types provided to international visitors, the hotel & restaurant industry innovates and constantly needs to adapt to the new consumer paradigm.

In this context, HOTREC asked TCI Research to assess the current competitiveness of European hotels and restaurants' experience quality based on guests' satisfaction, as well as to map benefits that travelers would expect from their hotels and restaurants experience in the future .

The report is therefore divided into two parts :
  • An assessment of the hotel and restaurant guest experience in Europe, based on the reference UNWTO endorsed TRAVELSAT Competitive Index survey: overall quality, staff hospitality, value for money, diversity ... Is Europe hospitality competitive vs global competition? Which source markets are mostly satisfied or at risk? Which European destinations offers the best experience? ...

  • A mapping of future guests' expectations about hotel and restaurant experience : which consumer benefits should the industry deliver tomorrow for attracting more customers?

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