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The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) is the largest employers and trade organisation for the hospitality sector in Norway.

The Norwegian Hospitality Association works diligently to promote the interests of Norwegian tourism and hospitality

The Norwegian Hospitality Association (NHO Reiseliv) is  made up of over 3,800 member companies. The association works diligently to promote the interests of Norwegian tourism and hospitality.

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The Norwegian Hospitality Association is affiliated with the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO), which is the largest representative organisation for Norwegian employers. 

We endeavour to provide our members with working conditions and development opportunities which strengthen the hospitality industry, so that each member company is able to achieve greater profitability and healthy growth.

Membership benefits

There are numerous benefits to being a member of the Norwegian Hospitality Association. Some of the most valuable membership benefits include:

Free legal assistance

Our lawyers are particularly knowledgeable and experienced in labour law, salary agreements and collective agreements. Assistance provided during labour disputes is free to members.

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Local Expertise

We have local expertise across Norway with 15 NHO regional offices and seven proprietary Norwegian Hospitality Association regional associations and boards.

This means we are able to assist your hospitality business with local knowledge and skills – wherever you are situated.

The Norwegian Hospitality Association's Supply Chain

When you join our Supply Chain, you are given excellent purchasing terms and conditions on many of your hospitality business' needs; including food, non-food and services.

Read more about the supply chain Innkjøpskjeden →


Recruitment and Skills in Norwegian Hospitality

We work strategically and politically to ensure a capable and competent workforce for the Norwegian tourism and hospitality industry.

We also provide training, courses and further education through the NHO Reiseliv Academy. All courses are available to managers, middle managers and employees at member businesses. 

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Communications and Media

The Norwegian Hospitality Association utilises a wide array of communication channels to promote and strengthen the tourism and hospitality industry. We also help member companies in their dealings with the media.

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The Norwegian Hospitality Association's Political Work

We work diligently to promote the interests of tourism and hospitality on the political stage – centrally, locally and wherever else this may apply.

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NHO Pension

We have made it easy to receive good pension offers for your company. NHO Pension is a membership benefit provided by Storebrand.



As a member, you receive tailor-made insurance with excellent terms and conditions. in English

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Who are our members?

Our members range from small family-owned businesses to multinational corporations in the following industries:

  • Service and Catering
    The service and catering industry includes restaurants, bars, pubs and nightlife. Service and catering companies help to make sure that culinary and dining experiences play an important role in the overall travel experience of Norwegian as well as foreign tourists.
  • Lodging
    Lodging and holiday accommodation companies are pillars of the Norwegian tourism and hospitality industry. The lodging industry includes hotels, camp sites, lodges, cabins and holiday apartments.
  • Camping
    Camping is an industry on the rise and invests heavily in quality, experiences and new customer groups. Camping businesses contribute to substantial value creation both locally and regionally.
  • Adventure Tourism
    Companies offering adventure experiences offer everything from guided tours, whale watching and theme parks to resorts, kayaking, dog sledding and more.
  • Cultural and Creative Industry
    The cultural and creative industry comprises a multitude of commercial enterprises. Membership in the Norwegian Hospitality Association is ideal for those of you who run festivals, galleries, visitor centres, museums or other types of cultural arenas.
  • Sporting Events
    Sporting events put towns and cities on the map and have positive knock-on effects for lodging, retail, transport and restaurants.
  • Destination Management Companies
    Destination management companies and tourism offices play a vital role as marketers for regional tourism and hospitality companies.
  • Car Rental
    The Norwegian Hospitality Association's car rental agency works to broaden the operational framework of the car rental industry.

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